Error Codes

If necessary, error codes are returned during certain actions and in particular:

  • when searching dossiers
  • when creating one dossier
  • when updating one dossier
  • when activating one dossier
  • when deactivating one dossier

These are errors codes with description which must be taken into account to interpret them.

Errors during a 'dossier' research query

CodesSearch errors
E001Missing parameter
E002Unknown parameter
E003Empty parameter
E010Incorrect format
E011Maximum size exceeded
E021Expiration date in the past
E022Date in the future
E030Invalid email domain

Errors during a 'dossier' creation query

CodesErrors when creating a folder
E100There is no third party for this criteria
E101Error when qualifying the establishment
E102The establishment does not exist
E103The establishment is closed
E104Too many third parties for this criteria
E105The establishment has been transferred to a new establishment
E111The supplier code in parameter is different from the existing supplier code for third party
E112The supplier code (thirdpartyCode) already used for another supplier
E113Non active ordering account
E121Impossible to create a dossier based on TVA for a french third party. Plesae use SIRET number
E122Impossible to import a non French thirdparty, subscription is inactive for international third parties

Errors during a 'dossier' update query

CodesErrors when updating a folder
E200There is no dossier for this criteria
E201This dossier is disabled
E202This dossier reference already exists for this client / supplier couple
E203There is no dossier for this reference
E204This dossier is already active
E205This dossier to reactivate has an outdated date for its re-activation. Please provide a date in the future.
E301This document/requirement is deactivated
E302This document/requirement is not authorized