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You are a developer and you want to find information, documentations, tools, samples codes and so on... for your e-attestations data integration project ?

You're at the right place !

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Easy to implement

e-Attestations' APIs are very easy to use and to implement in the programming language of your choice.

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Powered by OpenAPI v3

Using OpenAPI V3 standard, e-Attestations API are very easy to discover, test and code with. Our imersive documentation provides in depth discovery over JSON response and requests.

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Use the power of Postman

You can go even faster with the Postman collection we provide you. Install postman, complete Postman variables with your credentials and you can test the API right away without writing a single line of code.

Featured documentations

Documentations of our APIs in different flavours

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e-Attestations 'EDGE' API

This is the most advanced and actively tested version of our RESTful API. With this version you will find more features and more data.

e-Attestations 'EDGE' adopts an ever-greening strategy so you will benefit enhancements automagicaly.

Postman Documentation

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API SOAP v3 (fr)

This API is still maintained for our customers forced to use SOAP.

We recommend choosing our REST API.

Documentation of e-Attestations SOAP API v3 (fr)

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API REST 1.1 (fr)

This is our first REST API.
It will be replaced soon by the 'EDGE' version.

Documentation of e-Attestations REST API v1.1 (fr)