Company Identifier types

An establishment or a company (in the legal person sense) is identified in the e-Attestations system using a national identifier code :

  • The SIRET for French companies
  • The TVA for EU companies (but french)
  • The DUNS (Dun & Bradstreet identifier) for any company

thus, e-Attestations EDGE API offers several types of company identifiers :

CIT001SIRETFranceIdentifier used in France to qualify establishments. Number of 14 digits verifying Luhn's algorithm Wikipedia
CIT002TVACEEIdentifier used by the EEC for companies subject to corporation tax. More information on Wikipedia
CIT003DUNSAnyDun & BradStreet identifier used as an international and owned by the customer. More information on D&B website

New types of identifiers will be implemented in the future as the API evolves.


e-Attestations indicators provide customer with information that the third party has fully covered and andswer the compliancy (and requirements) for all 'dossiers'.

The main completeness indicator is the "due diligence" indicator, which is "true" if all the documents relating to the due diligence are present and valid.

I001Due diligence

New indicators will be implemented in the future as the API evolves.