Requirements are resources related to a set of requests in the business area of ​​the client (legal, compliance, business, etc.).

As part of the continuous monitoring of third party compliance, a requirement is materialized in the workflow by a requested evidence ('document') and awaiting a response.

In most case response has already been provided by third parties or e-Attestations.

This response is most often provided by e-Attestations, which catalogs and aggregates the responses from numerous data sources from various administrations and trusted data providers.

The answer can also be given by the third party himself in several cases:

  • a file with a required document
  • entering specific data
  • one or more documents and their linked file(s)
  • a dated and auditable electronic signature
  • any other element requested constituting proof of compliance in the context of monitoring.

Example of GET one's 'dossier' requirements /api/v1/account/{{account_id}}/dossiers/{{dossierId}}/requirements

"content": [
"documentId": 494,
"accountId": 119631,
"code": "NIT0RSS",
"name": "NOTE-INSTRUCTIONS-TECHNIQUES-003-2012-Renseignements-surfaces-sinistrees",
"descriptionCategoryFr": "DOCUMENTS CONTRACTUELS",
"descriptionCategoryEn": "Contractual documents",
"descriptionFr": "NOTE INSTRUCTIONS TECHNIQUES 003-2012 Renseignements surfaces sinistrées",
"descriptionEn": "NOTE INSTRUCTIONS TECHNIQUES 003-2012 Renseignements surfaces sinistrées"
"documentId": 5,
"accountId": 119631,
"code": "LST_SAL_ETR",
"name": "Autorisationsdetravail",
"descriptionCategoryFr": "REGULARITE SOCIALE",
"descriptionCategoryEn": "Social regularity",
"descriptionFr": "Liste nominative des salariés étrangers soumis à autorisation de travail",
"descriptionEn": "List of names of posted workers subjected to work permit"