The 'dossier' resource is the materialization of the client / third party relationship.

A 'dossier' includes requests (compliance requirements) made by the client to which correspond answers most often automatically provided by the e-Attestations platform or by the third party (files, signatures, other data ...).

The reference of a 'dossier' (dossierReference) is data entered by the client when creating or modifying a dossier. The reference for a dossier must be unique for a third party / client.

In other words, a third party cannot have more than one dossier with the same reference per client.


'dossierReference' is very powerful data that gives capacity to establish a link from an id provided by he customer information system to e-Attestations that is sent back to the information system.

We advice you to use it often, if it's not always.

Plus ! This 'dossierReference' can be changed at any time unless the dossier has been archived.

The content of this field will be trimed (spaces removed) during the process.

Example of 'dossiers' GET request with sirent id "/api/v1/account/{{account_id}}/dossiers?siren=503829368"

"content": [
"dossierId": 804127,
"accountId": 119631,
"siren": "503829368",
"siret": "50382936800045",
"tva": "FR69503829368",
"thirdpartyId": 875,
"companyIdType": "CIT001",
"companyIdValue": "50382936800045",
"thirdpartyCode": "123",
"companyCountryCode": "FR",
"monitored": true,
"dossierReference": "TEST",
"description": "description_804127",
"purchasingCategory": "",
"startingDate": null,
"expirationDate": null,
"stoppingDate": null,
"stoppingReason": "NA",
"state": false,
"stateLastChangeDate": "2019-01-08T15:31:55.521",
"indicators": [
"indicatorCode": "I001",
"state": true,
"lastChangeDate": "2018-07-16T11:04:59.806"
"documents": [
"documentId": 11817626,
"documentCode": "ASLNC",
"documentName": "Attestation sur l'honneur non cotisant",
"documentNameEn": "Attestation sur l'honneur non cotisant",
"requestDate": "2020-07-03T19:42:42.510",
"present": true,
"isPresent": "true",
"evidences": [
"id": 7456168,
"uploadDate": "2020-09-15T11:39:09.935",
"fileUUID": "11471ae4-c264-4c67-a079-71be90b0e0ad",
"fileCreation": "2020-09-15T11:39:09.907",
"fileSize": 711000,
"expirationDate": "2021-03-15T23:59:59.999",
"metadata": {
"siren": "788947166",
"date_certification": "08/07/2020"
"formdata": [
"type": "textarea",
"key": "f_380_rsns_0",
"title": "raisons de non assujettissement",
"order": 0,
"value": "test"
"page": 0,
"size": 10,
"totalElements": 1

Error codes

During your search, API can send back an error that you need to interpret.

Here the error codes you can have.

CodesSearch errors
E001Missing parameter
E002Unknown parameter
E003Empty parameter
E010Incorrect format
E011Maximum size exceeded
E021Expiration date in the past
E022Date in the future
E030Invalid email domain