This resource is the ordering customer and service subscriber to e-Attestations account.

The account identifier is returned in the account_ids returned in the JWT token.

In addition, you can also retrieve your account identifier from the /account endpoint without any parameters.

All requests must include the customer identifier so that every time the account's activation and subscription to the service are verified


Example for '/account'

"content": [
"id": 119631,
"creation": "2015-04-02T10:56:07.736",
"account": "CPTDO2E2FFC774EDD6637F",
"name": "Compte Test",
"company": "Compte Test",
"maxDossiers": 10,
"subscriptionDate": "2019-04-29T13:20:02.102973",
"subscriptionStatus": "ACTIVE",
"subscriptions": [
"accountId": 119631,
"key": "APIEDGE",
"endSubscriptionDate": null,
"startSubscriptionDate": "2019-04-29T13:20:02.102973",
"status": "ACTIVE"